Current Projects

Ecology and management of sting nematode in golf course putting greens (Glen Galle – PhD Student)

  • Characterize seasonal dynamics of sting nematode populations in golf course putting greens
  • Determine vertical distribution of sting nematodes in golf course putting greens
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of different timings and applications strategies of Avid for sting nematode management
  • Investigate the influence of soil moisture on survivability of sting nematode populations
  • Potentially sequence genome of sting nematode

Fungicide fate: uptake and movement of fungicides in both cool and warm season turfgrass systems
(Wendell Hutchens – MS Student)

  • Determine which turfgrass species uptake fungicides most rapidly
  • Evaluate depth at which fungicides move through the turfgrass canopy, thatch, and soil based on the quantity of irrigation that is applied

Plant growth regulators in ultradwarf bermudagrass putting greens
(Wendell Hutchens – MS Student)

  • Develop a growing degree day model for plant growth regulators on ultradwarf bermudagrass putting greens
  • Compare the durations of efficacy between various plant growth regulators based on growing degree day model

Effect of management practices on fungicide efficacy and environmental fate in turfgrass systems (Daniel Freund – MS Student)

  • Determine downward distribution/delivery of fungicides based on post-application irrigation timing
  • Evaluate disease control as affected by mowing timing after fungicide application to tall fescue
  • Investigate disease control as affected by clipping collection practice post fungicide application to tall fescue